For Sales, Rentals,
or Repairs, call
(219) 865-5960
Phone: (219) 865-5960
Fax: (219) 865-5966
Toll Free: (800) 753-0182
We have contracts to provide for all of the Indiana Medicaid Managed Care programs in Northwest Indiana, most of the Illinois Managed Care programs in Chicagoland and over 200 other Insurers.  FAX REFERRALS TO: 219-865-5966
We do not accept Traditional Medicare patients, due to CMS’s competitive bidding program, Effectively July 1, 2013. (* One Exception: Enteral in Central Chicago)
We provide Oxygen to over 1000 patients and businesses through our service area.  In addition we can provide any type of atmospheric gas and custom gas to our customers including Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide and Helium.  Here is a sample of Markets we serve:  Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities, Doctor’s Offices, Dentist’s Offices, Vets, Fire Departments, EMS Organizations, Surgery Centers, Bars & Restaurants, Hospitals, and many more…
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